Server and client

This is client - server game. Server is a program which keeps all games data. All game calculations take place on server. Client is a programm which connects to server and allows user to browse and command his empire(s). It is very important to know that even if client disconnects from game his empire is operating normally (although nobody commands it).


To play on a server user must have registered account. There can be many users registered / playing on server.

Game worlds

There can be muliple games running on server. Each such game is separated/independent from others.


Each user can participate in multiple games. In each game he is visible as player.

It is strongly suggested that user has only one empire (player) in one gameworld. (it is not prohibited yet).



To start server simply start program called server. From file menu select new to create completely new games and users database. Select load if You already have some games and users (you are restarting server).

Small window called server status will pop up. Since that moment server is ready for client connections. Press start to make server working. At any time it is possible to stop server - pausing all ongoing games. It is then possible to start again.

When server is stopped client programms work normally - users can do their work. Simply there is no progress in games.

Exiting and restarting

It is possible to shutdown server program (menu - file - exit). When this happens all client connections are stopped. Game progress is stored. After next start of server if only load option is choosen server is in the same state as if it was before shutdown.


Connecting and joining game

Before user starts real play he has to connect to game.


After starting client user has first to select server (host) internet name. (must be domain name or ip or computer network name (in windows network)).

Login - registration

If connection is succesfull user has to pass his login and password.

If user does not have account yet - he can create one. (giving login, password and confirming it).

Joining game

After succesfull login user sees list of games on server. By selecting one of them user is able to join (as new player) - or start playing (if he already joined game).

After selecting play button - normal game session for user begins (new window opens).

Game play

For game rules please refer to Game rules section.

Generally user can only do one thing - send fleets between planets.
This is done by left clicking on starting planet, right clicking destination, setting (using slider) size of fleet, and pressing move button.

There are three panels provided.