Overall description

This is online real time multiplayer strategy.

The game play takes place in outer space.

For technical details how to setup/use game server and client refer to Manual

Game artifacts


At given point of time each planet is owned by exactly one player. This, however, might be neutral player.

Each planet has given productivity. This is nonnegative real number, which is constant (in time) for each particular planet.

Each planet has home fleet.


Each fleet has exactly one owner.

Fleet consists of integer (nonnegative) number of spaceships. All spaceships are identical so each fleet is defined by number of spaceships it consists of.

Fleet can be:


Each planet automatically produces spaceships. Speed of production depends on planet productivity. In fact productivity implies how often new spaceship appears. (It is possible to observe production progress. It goes from 0 to 100% and when reaches 100% new spaceship is produced and production progress is reduced to 0% - then is again raising and again...).

Each produced spaceship is automatically added to planet home fleet.

Moving fleets

At any point of time player can decide to move few of his spaceships. To do so:

  1. Player has to select starting point -planet that belongs to him
  2. Player has to select destination - any other planet
  3. Player has to set size of fleet ( positive number but not greater than starting point home fleet size)
  4. Commence order

After sending move order selected number of space ships is taken from home fleet of planet and forms new fleet. Such fleet is slowly moving toward destination point. During movement fleet is visible only to player that is owner of the fleet. It is not possible to stop such fleet (nor to cancel movement or select other target).

When fleet reaches destination point space ships are added to destination home fleet if the owner of destination is same as owner of fleet. If destination planet is owned by other player battle takes place.


Battle takes place always between two fleets. One is finishing movement on planet - such fleet is called attacker. Second is planet home fleet called defender.

According to some rules there are losses calculated for both attacker and defender. Battle is decided immediatelly. Always at least one of fleets is reduced to zero (thus erased). Generally (apart from number of destroyed ships) there are 2 possible results:

If planet is sucessfully invaded surviving ship from attacker fleet form new planet home fleet and planet changes owner. Production on planet continues (production progress is not changed or stopped).

Victory conditions

There are not implemented (yet) any victory/defeat conditions checks. Player loses when he loses all planets and fleets.